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Regimens and Cures

 Ayurveda regards the disharmony of the three bio energies - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - as one of the main causes for diseases.

Such a disharmony can be caused by nourishing errors, continuing stress load, wrong lifestyle, etc . With all these regularization disturbances slag is accumulated in the body. This can lead to different disease conditions, if you do not intervene in time. In order to balance this degradation of the organism, Ayurveda offers different cures and regimens.

Our cures are individually arranged after an in-depth consultation for each guest.

Week of the Back

We strenghten your back!

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Trial offer

A couple of days with ayurvedic regimens for your wellness.
New: bookable for any days of the week or weekends

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Week of Arthrosis

Retaining flexible and free to move!

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Wellness-Week - To get to know Ayurveda

Vacation from your daily routine - to get to know Ayurveda.

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Ambulante Wochenendkuren mit ayurvedischen Behandlungen für Ihre Schönheit.

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Pancha-Karma - The classic ayurvedic cure

This treatment measure seeks to remove deposits from your body through inner purification and to stimulate the metabolism. It is a specialty of Ayurveda and takes about 2 weeks (10 – 12 days of treatment). This regimen especially suits chronic patients or the prevention if you have a health jeopardizing way of life.

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The “Manager Cure” - for all who are stressed

To harmonize body and mind, to bring in line the Doshas, to “refuel” your energy for life (10 days of treatment) .

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Health – Week

Here you can learn more about how you can stay healthy with Ayurveda! We will define your ayurvedic constitution (Pakriti) and give you individual rules for changing your nutrition and your way of life.

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“Your” cure - personal, individual

Tell us what is bothering you, what you suffer from - after we got to know you personally we will put together your individual cure program.

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